Small Business Accounting – Undergoing the Face of Change

Individuals are learning that a way forward is clearly up to themselves, it is no longer practicable to expect that the path laid by big business is the correct one. No longer can we allow big business to pressure our governments into policy creation that serves only a few. Those individuals who are currently enjoying the handouts and privileges from an alliance with big corporations can now expect to enjoy a quick death along with them.

We are now moving forward at an incredible pace and we are seeing a changing of the guard as small business once again returns to the forefront.

Small Business comes directly from the family, and out of the family comes a desire to nurture, a desire to give without the need to make another suffer in the process. Because of this the world of tomorrow will be a far different place than where we sit right now, change may be slow at times but as momentum is gathering we are already starting to see the impact this is having in our communities.

Small Business Finance

As part of this change we have realized that the way we do business, the way we account for our activities can no longer be done using the same mentality employed by the corporate giants.

For decades these same corporate identities have given us accounting methods and programs born out of their own importance, and from their own system of accounting. As we have recently learnt with so many of them going down the drain their method of accounting is no longer working, we need a method that gives power back to small business and back into the hands of mum’s and dads. We can no longer sit back and continue to allow big business to dictate to us telling us what we should or should not be doing, because in the end if we allow this to continue we will condemn ourselves to join with their mass extinction.

A New Generation of Software

The biggest complaint is that traditional accounting software programs are so bulky and so unnatural in their approach that the user becomes more confused and more anxious with every use. This has seen an increase in small business failing to satisfactory comply with government regulations, and an increase in inaccurate taxation reporting, simply because the owner has lost confidence in what they are doing with their business finances.

For the most part the average owner starts out with an expectation of meeting their taxation obligations, however they find themselves bogged down with inefficient software and under a mountain of useless reports.

Accounting Systems of tomorrow need to be developed by small businesses for small business, and these programs need to be designed with simplicity in mind. The reason behind this line of thinking is clear, we have learnt that the average user of these types of programs are not accountants and they have no desire to become one. I point this out as an obvious observation, however this simple truth has been overlooked by corporate software developers for the past 3 or 4 decades.

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